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Longevity Medicine in Kansas

Kansas Longevity Medicine 

EvoHealth Kansas Functional Medicine is a functional medicine clinic that offers comprehensive longevity medicine services to Kansans statewide. The clinic is dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness through personalized care that focuses on facilitating optimal health through a multi-modal lifestyle approach. 



What is Longevity Medicine? 

Longevity medicine is a branch of healthcare that focuses on promoting healthy aging and extending the human lifespan and healthspan. It involves identifying and addressing the underlying causes of age-related decline, such as metabolic dysfunction, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and oxidative stress.

Longevity medicine takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, looking at the whole person rather than just treating isolated symptoms. It emphasizes lifestyle factors such as sleep optimization and stress management, as well as targeted interventions such as personalized nutritional plans, exercise prescriptions, and evidence-informed supplementation to promote optimal aging. 

The goal of longevity medicine is not just to extend lifespan, but to promote a higher quality life through improved healthspan, which is the period of life during which an individual is healthy and free from chronic disease. By identifying and addressing the root causes of age-related decline, longevity medicine aims to help people live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

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Functional Medicine + Longevity Medicine

Functional medicine and longevity medicine are highly complementary approaches to healthcare. Both focus on identifying and treating the underlying causes of health concerns, rather than just managing symptoms. By addressing the root cause of health problems, functional medicine and longevity medicine can help patients achieve optimal health and wellness and prevent future health problems.

Functional medicine emphasizes a personalized, patient-centered approach to healthcare. It uses advanced testing and diagnostic tools to identify imbalances or dysfunctions in the body’s systems and processes, and then creates a tailored treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of each patient. By addressing these underlying imbalances and dysfunctions, functional medicine can help patients achieve optimal health and prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

Together, functional medicine and longevity medicine can help patients achieve optimal health and wellness throughout their lives. Functional medicine can identify underlying imbalances and dysfunctions that contribute to age-related decline, and longevity medicine can help address those imbalances and promote healthy aging. By combining these two approaches, patients can achieve better health outcomes and live longer, healthier lives.

EvoHealth Kansas Functional Medicine

Why choose EvoHealth Kansas Functional Medicine?

EvoHealth is committed to providing personalized care that focuses on the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Tanner Wilson, DC, IFMCP is a highly trained IFM certified functional medicine provider that has additional  education in longevity health and is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest research and treatment options in longevity medicine. Patients who choose EvoHealth Kansas can expect:

  1. Personalized care: Each patient is unique, and their care should reflect that. EvoHealth Kansas offers personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s individual needs and goals.
  2. Advanced lifestyle therapies: EvoHealth Kansas uses the most advanced therapies and treatments available to support longevity and promote optimal health.
  3. Convenient location: EvoHealth Kansas Functional Medicine is a telehealth practice that offers comprehensive functional & longevity medicine services to Kansans statewide.



Longevity Medicine Kansas City, Lawrence, Wichita, Topeka, Overland Park

If you’re wanting to take a more proactive approach to maximize both healthspan and lifespan call to schedule your Free Consultation today! (785) 448 8796 


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