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About EvoHealth – Kansas Functional Medicine

Our Philosophy

Hands in the sunlightFunctional Medicine is a highly effective clinical model for many chronic diseases, but can often be upwards of 2,000 dollars for a care plan. EvoHealth – Kansas Functional Medicine wants to change the landscape of functional medicine in Kansas and particularly Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa, Wichita, Topeka and Lawrence by offering an evidence-based blend of dietary modifications, lifestyle interventions, and supplementation that is personalized to the individual in a convenient and cost-effective telehealth setting.

Most Functional Medicine doctors offer a “shotgun approach” and make patients believe they need to take a massive amount of supplements and also recommend highly restrictive diets.  At EvoHealth, we take an evidence-based approach to lab testing, dietary modifications, and supplementation in a streamlined process to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal health.

Dr. Tanner Wilson is a third-generation chiropractor, and he grew up in a household that appreciated both holistic and conventional medical approaches to achieving optimal health. He offers a collaborative framework of care influenced by his father and grandfather.

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Our History

While studying chiropractic at Cleveland University, Dr. Tanner became increasingly interested in Functional medicine. He completed a comprehensive post-doc Functional Medicine program at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine (CCCFM) and is the only Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Provider in southeast Kansas.

After practicing in Chicago, Dr. Tanner chose to move back home to Kansas to offer clinically effective and affordable Functional Medicine care to people in his home state.

Improving Quality of Life

Because Functional Medicine is often effective in helping resolve chronic illnesses, the improvement in a patient’s quality of life can be dramatic.

We recently helped a woman who had been to several Functional Medicine doctors who had convinced her she was severely ill. Using our science-based approach, we ordered appropriate tests and discovered that her cortisol levels were high. Dr. Wilson adjusted her supplementation regimen and offered lifestyle recommendations, and within one month her symptoms had resolved by about 90%.

Schedule Today

We offer a free 15-minute Discovery Call to determine if our care is a good fit for you. Contact us today to schedule.

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