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Functional Medicine

SupplementsMany people have heard of Functional Medicine, but aren’t sure what it is. At EvoHealth – Kansas Functional Medicine, we describe Functional Medicine as an evidence-based framework to address the underlying causes of chronic disease conditions.

We focus on implementing a comprehensive blend of proactive, preventive, and personalized medicine to identify and correct the underlying cause of your symptoms and condition.

Personalized Care

Every patient’s care plan is unique and tailored to their specific health goals and history. At your consultation, Dr. Tanner will spend over 60 minutes getting to know you so that he can order the appropriate lab testing to identify your problem. Based on your lab results, he’ll recommend  dietary modifications, targeted lifestyle interventions, and evidence-based supplementation to resolve your health issues at their source.

Although many patients initially come to us for help with an existing chronic condition, we are seeing more people who seek out Functional Medicine care as a preventative measure to optimize their overall health and promote longevity.

Conditions We Help With

Functional medicine is effective with many illnesses, including

  • Metabolic disorders: weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and more.
  • Digestive disorders: IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, excessive belching, food reactivity, and more.
  • Mood disorders: Anxiety, depression, ADHD, chronic stress, insomnia, Alzheimer’s prevention, and more.
  • Hormone disorders: Menopause, PCOS, PMS, low testosterone, and more.

Making Care Accessible

Dr. Tanner has experience working in Chicago, where functional medicine costs are prohibitive for all but a few.  At EvoHealth we want to make clinically effective functional medicine care affordable for all.

Functional labs and supplements are offered at wholesale prices, and we offer affordably priced subscription-based care plans. We also offer financing options, so you can get the care you need.

Insurance often covers the cost of labs, and you may use your HSA or FSA for labs, or we are happy to provide a superbill for you.

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